How To Choose A Right Air Compressor
Nov 13, 2018
  • Air compressor is the equipment to compress air, widely used in chemical, petroleum, transportation, construction, shipping, mining, textile, machine and other industries. Air compressor has many types and models. How to choose the correct air compressor is not only referring to the funds, but also connected directly to economy and reliability of equipment normal running
    Air compressor selection mainly consider 3 factors:
    1) working pressure;
    2) air flow capacity;
    3) purity of compressed air;
  • 1. Working pressure

    ① Working pressure called discharging pressure in China means the max. air pressure discharged from air compressor
    ② Common working pressure unit: bar or Mpa, 1bar=0.1Mpa

  • 2. Air flow capacity

    ① Air flow capacity called discharging capacity or tag flow in China
    ② Air flow capacity unit: m3/min or L/min, 1m3=1000L

  • 3. Purity of compressed air

    For SEIZE, what clients buy is air compressor, what clients use is compressed air. What clients need is air flow capacity, but not power. So energy-saving is the most important for air compressor purchase. We always persevere in designing the optimal energy-saving plan for customers and helping them choose the best energy-saving air compressor to reduce the cost and raise the core competition of customers

  • Generally compressed air produced by air compressor contains some oil and some moisture. In some places oil and moisture is prohibited, not only compressor selection is concerned, but also add the post-processing equipment. In common way, add grade 1 or grade 2 filter or dryer. This system can make compressed air free of oil and moisture and oil content less than 3ppm. It can meet the requirements

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