Shanghai International Textile Equipment Expo
Dec 7, 2018
On July 5th 2017, Shanghai International Textile Equipment Expo was held in SNIEC.The expo is also the biggest party of textile machine in Asia,gathering the elites from 67 countries and regions and it becomes the vane of textile machine industry and a global unique expo of full industry chain of textile machines.

It is noteworthy that SEIZE energy-saving air compressor also attended this expo and it is the high-grade energy-saving air compressor customized special for textile, chemical fiber industry
Booth at SNIEC, E4 hall, A39

International Textile Equipment Fair focuses on the top technical hotpot in global textile industry,explores and organizes the relative new application and crossover technologies,breaking the predicament and limit of textile industry, and helps enterprises to find the suitable pace and gradually moves into industry 4.0. By realizing textile industry 4.0, promote textile industry to transformation of high-end, intellectualization, greenization and servitization to match the individuation of textile industry
  • SEIZE high-end energy-saving air compressor always concentrates on the R&D, production and sales of the energy-saving air compressor for many years,helping thousands of textile enterprises to realize power-saving and upgrade and improve the energy saving system of air compressor and let them save 20% to 30% power in average.
    Breakthrough was made on air compressor best energy-saving. High-end energy-saving air compressor can be customized based on different industry compressed air requirements and running environment and customized for textile, chemical fiber, glass, machinery to save every cent for enterprises more targeted.

  • Because it is customized for textile industry, the expo attracts a lot of industry clients to come and inquire and deeply discuss with SEIZE sellers.

  • Now, in many manufacturing industry, energy-saving and environment protecting, low carbon development is planned in the enterprises production management. And more and more region government offer the great support and policy preference to enterprises for whom it is inevitable to select energy-saving products.

  • Air compressor power cost cover main part of the total production cost in textile industry. Thus reducing air compressor energy cost is the top-urgent matter many textile industry bosses need to solve. However it is a wise choice to select the best energy-saving SEIZE high-end air compressor.

  • SEIZE customize the high-end energy-saving air compressor for textile, chemical fiber and other industry, which conform the character of long running time, bad running environment of textile industry. Moreover, it can save 20%~30% power in average and get good comments of many users for stable running and low noise.

  • Hot season is coming,if you want your air compressor cooling down, please don’t hesitate. Choosing SEIZE high-end energy saving air compressor makes your air compressor no high temperature, no fault.

  • The expo lasts 3 days from July 5th to July 7th
    The first days is almost gone, thank many clients to support SEIZE high-end energy saving air compressor, and also thank all the SEIZE sellers on-site. If you don’t come yet, please hurry up. We have nice gifts for you
    Booth No. SNIEC, E4 Hall, A39
    Welcome your visit !

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