Industry 4.0

What is the air compressor industry 4.0?

It is connected to the air compressor controller through the adapter (data collector). After obtaining the data in the controller, it can be uploaded to the Internet platform through the flow card, WIFI, etc., and the user can view the running status of the device in real time on the mobile phone and the computer. A system for understanding historical data, fault information, and remote control equipment.

At the same time, relying on the powerful acquisition capability of the adapter, we can also collect data from the equipment (flow meter, frequency converter, point meter, dryer, etc.) of the air compressor station to realize the monitoring and management of the air compressor station.

What is the specific functions does the air compressor industry 4.0 have?

  • Seize Air compressor industry 4.0 is based on latest technology, a highly customized management system. The air compressor sold by the air compressor manufacturer or agent is managed by the system from the customer to the equipment. There are cores such as customer management, contract management, fault warning/alarm, remote data monitoring, remote modification parameters, remote switch machine, etc. Features. The function of big data analysis can be realized in the data platform through the data model required by the manufacturer.

The value of air compressor industry 4.0

  • Real-time monitoring of the sold and managed air compressors through the Internet of Things, real-time upload of fault alarms and video surveillance; understanding the status of products exported to the world, providing wireless possibilities for value-added services.

  • You can collect, map, store, and analyze device data in real time; integrate air compressor information system data to improve product levels and create new business models and opportunities.

  • 1. Real-time monitoring of equipment operation information.
  • 2. Prevent equipment failure, reduce losses
  • 3. Grab the meter data in real time and accurately obtain energy consumption information.
  • 4. Remote fault diagnosis, improve after-sales efficiency
  • 5. Big data statistical analysis, energy saving
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