The 14th National Sales Elite Training of Seize College ended in perfection!

The hot summer can't stop everyone's passion for self-improvement. On the morning of July 15th, more than 200 dealers and sales elites from all over the country came in droves, expecting to break through themselves in training, solve customers' problems with more professional services and create more value for customers!

The 14th National Sales Elite Training of Seize College

In order to promote the green transformation and development of industrial enterprises and realize the real cost reduction of enterprises. This year's Seize College mainly provides all-round systematic training for the sales team through real cases in terms of energy-saving technical transformation, customer scheme design and gas selling mode of the project case industry.

Lecturer: Cheng Hongxing, General Manager

The training is divided into 22 groups, and a bonus pool is set up to stimulate everyone's learning enthusiasm and initiative!

Focus on empowerment, innovation and change

Before the official lecture, Mr. Cheng stressed that everyone must listen carefully, keep learning and improve themselves with an initial heart of being responsible to customers!

Based on his many years' experience in the air compressor industry, Mr. Cheng analyzed the common energy-saving problems in the project from one case to another, and how to design energy-saving schemes to maximize the interests of users and break the conventional thinking cognition in the market, which benefited everyone a lot.

Teaching and teaching situational drills

Every professional study is a self-transformation. Through the combination of practice and ideas, Mr. Cheng subtly spread the knowledge content with humorous language. Open up new ideas and seek new breakthroughs in training. The whole training atmosphere was warm, and the sales elites devoted themselves enthusiastically, or listened attentively or actively discussed, which opened up new ideas for work while gaining professional knowledge and skills. Mr. Cheng patiently answered everyone's questions, let everyone collide with the sparks of thinking in constant communication and interaction, broaden their horizons and deepen their understanding of air compressor energy saving. Share, communicate and grow together.

In addition to the training course itself, exchange and sharing activities are held every day, and everyone actively takes the stage to share their insights and gains in training and their sales experience. In particular, dealer friends said that Seize platform provides all-round support in products, brands, services, after-sales and other aspects, and it is really using practical actions to help dealers create value and promote new breakthroughs in the air compressor industry! The professional course empowerment training that Mr. Cheng brought to you this time, through industry case analysis, on-site practice, interactive discussion and other teaching modes, helps you improve your comprehensive ability in an all-round way, and looks forward to your implementation and wonderful bloom!
The 14th National Sales Elite Training of Seize College was a complete success. This training is not only a process of imparting knowledge and skills, but also a process of stimulating potential. Participants have said that they will put what they have learned into practice, better provide customers with more comprehensive and professional solutions in the sales process, and make the cost of compressed air for users lower in this industry! Let customers continue to benefit, win-win development with the company, and stride forward!
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