Thanks to you, all the way | Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor Hebei Customer Appreciation Meeting was a complete success!

Dream of the sea, spread your wings and make great plans. On September 23, 2023, the customer appreciation meeting of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor "Thanks for having you and going all the way" was held in Zhenhua International Hotel. Mr. Cheng Zhihua, Marketing Director of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor, Mr. Yuan Lianqing, Director of No.3 Theater, Ms. Zou Li, Deputy Director of Market Center, Mr. Wang Xuebin, Hebei Seize Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd., and more than 200 customers gathered together to thank customers in Hebei for their long-term support and cooperation, share their friendship and look forward to a new chapter in future cooperation!

At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, customers and friends who came to attend the Hebei Customer Appreciation Meeting of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor arrived at the scene one after another, and signed in, got the lottery method for dinner and took their seats under the guidance of the staff. This thank-you meeting is not only a meeting to exchange friendship, but also a grand gathering to thank colleagues and gather strength.

At the meeting, Mr. Cheng made a wonderful sharing on enterprise management and helping enterprises to be "carbon neutral", and thanked everyone for their support and trust! Mr. Cheng said that he would take this thank-you meeting as an opportunity to continuously deepen exchanges and cooperation with new and old customers, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, actively plan a broader cooperation space, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Hebei textile (towel) industry with energy-efficient products!

On behalf of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor, Mr. Wang of Hebei Seize Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. warmly welcomed all the guests, and expressed heartfelt thanks for your trust and support all the time, because without customer support and referral, there would be no Hebei market today. In the future, Seize energy-saving air compressor will always run through the customer concept of "customer value, customer first", adhere to the product concept of "energy-saving value, quality first", provide customers with better products and services, and make every effort to build a win-win cooperation new future.

Grateful peers, create a win-win situation! At the thank-you meeting, many customers reached a new cooperation intention with Seize energy-saving air compressor, which will create more energy-saving value for users for practical actions!
At 19 o'clock in the evening, the dinner of Hebei customer appreciation meeting of Seize energy-saving air compressor officially began! The scene is full of stars, weddings. It's a pleasure for everyone to taste delicious food, push a cup for a change and talk about beauty. The customer representative took the stage to speak

Customers have said: Seize energy-saving air compressor not only has good product quality And the service is timely and thoughtful. It's basically on call Deeply recognized by the industry. Choose Seize energy-saving air compressor for energy saving!

This grand event showed the unique charm and innovative strength of Seize energy-saving air compressor. More importantly, while boosting the confidence of dealers, Seize energy-saving air compressor further deepened the in-depth communication and emotional communication with customers. Because of your support, Seize energy-saving air compressor can become more and more powerful on the road ahead! In the future market competition, Seize energy-saving air compressor will, as always, provide customers with better energy-saving air compressor products, help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, and help double carbon!

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