The signing and launching ceremony of ERP project of Seize energy-saving air compressor was successfully held

On the afternoon of October 20, 2023, Seize Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and UFIDA held a grand ERP project signing ceremony at Seize Headquarters.
Mr. Cheng Hongxing, General Manager of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor, Mr. Liao Tieqiang, Vice President of Product Center, Mrs. Yu Xiujuan, Vice President of Operation Center, Mr. Wang Bin, General Manager of UFIDA Shanghai Branch, Mr. Guo An, an expert on consulting projects, and important project members and key users of the two companies attended the meeting.

At the kick-off meeting, the general manager of Seize energy-saving air compressor made an opening speech. He said that for enterprises, it is imperative to start digital transformation and introduce ERP projects into operations. Through the management platform of ERP, the company's management and control can be promoted in all directions, and the refined management and digital value benefits of enterprises can be realized and the competitiveness of enterprises can be improved.

Mr. Wang, the general manager of UFIDA Shanghai Branch, said that we are very grateful to Seize Company for its trust and support, and the UFIDA project team will actively cooperate to ensure the overall construction of the project with high-quality resources and professional teams.

Manager Zhang, the head of Seize project team, said that as a milestone of the enterprise's digital intelligence reform, he showed everyone the development history of ERP, the overall blueprint of the project and the overall implementation plan of the project.

Subsequently, Manager Guo, an expert of UFIDA Consulting Project, gave a detailed introduction to the implementation management plan, project safeguard measures and the landing implementation plan of this project, and communicated with key users of Seize energy-saving air compressor at the scene, and said that he would deliver the results as scheduled with good quality and quantity.

Mr. Cheng made a concluding speech, expressing full confidence in this cooperation, and also put forward several requirements:
01 Everything comes from the heart: all personnel should attach great importance to it ideologically, have the determination to overcome all difficulties, cooperate with ERP project work and ensure the smooth launch.
02 Teamwork: It is hoped that the teams of both sides will cooperate closely, and the project members will adapt to the high-intensity work as soon as possible, devote themselves to the project work and push forward the project progress normally.
03 Landing implementation: landing depends on the system, and reward and punishment measures are set. Everyone must seriously implement it to ensure that the project will be put into operation on time according to the established time node.

The signing ceremony between Seize energy-saving air compressor and UFIDA was a complete success! This ERP system is only the first step of information construction. In the future, in order to quickly meet the personalized needs of customers, Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor will continue to improve the information construction, build an all-round financial integration system for production, research and marketing, realize end-to-end construction and create more value for customers.

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