Winter Air Compressor Maintenance Guide


After entering winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower. Air compressor users should take certain maintenance measures for the air compressor to prevent the unit from malfunctioning in advance. How to make the air compressor run safely and stably in winter, Seize air energy-saving air compressors 6 Tips for you.


Before starting the air compressor, ensure that the oil temperature of the air compressor is not lower than 5°C. If the temperature is too low, please use a heating device to heat the oil separator and the compressor elements.

Check that the oil level is in the normal position, check that all condensate drains are closed, and for water-cooled units, also check that the cooling water drains are closed or not.
Turn the air end coupling by hand to rotate flexibly. For units that are difficult to turn, please do not start the machine blindly. You should check whether the air end is faulty and whether the lubricating oil is viscous and invalid, and then start the machine after troubleshooting.
The Seize energy-saving air compressor with a long downtime should be replaced with a new oil filter before the first start to reduce the resistance caused by oil viscosity and insufficient oil supply.

When the power is turned on for the first time, jog the unit once. After the official start-up, check the current and oil temperature changes. If there is a sudden change in temperature, please stop immediately. For units that use heat recovery, the oil bypass valve on the heat recovery system should be closed before starting up, and the heat recovery system should be slowly opened after the unit’s normal opening temperature rises to the normal range.

For units with sudden temperature changes or high-temperature trips, remember not to turn on the machine repeatedly. You should open the intake valve, add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the air end, and turn the air end flexibly before turning it on again.

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