High Efficiency Air End
Adsorption Regenerative Dryer
Adsorption Regenerative Dryer >
generation Gas:12%-15% Working Pressure: 0.6 ~1.0mpa Intake Oil Content: 0.01ppm Pressure Dew Point: -20℃-40℃ Power Supply : 220v 50hz Desiccant: Activat
Refrigeration Air Dryer
Refrigeration Air Dryer >
1.Air Heat Exchanger 2.Evaporator 3.Gas-liquid Separator 4.Drainage Prevention Filter 5.Manual Discharge Valve 6.Refrigeration Compressor 7.Suction Filter
Line Filters
Line Filters >
1. working pressure:1.6MPa 2. intake temperature:80℃ 3. Filter groove design easier to discharge oil dust water etc is not easy to plug long service life. 4.
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